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Once upon a time, a hero who once walked the path of homelessness, who rose from the abyss of economic hardship, emerged on the streets of Philadelphia. A hero who endured the struggle of hunger and humiliation. A hero who ‘Occupied’ Philadelphia and fought the good fight with good people. In the shadows of the 2011 financial crisis, comes the story of one man's courage to perform lucrative acts of heroism in support of the nation’s poor and middle-class, and in protest of the corporate greed of the one-percenters. 

Silent Hero is the inspirational rags to riches story of Harry Hess, and his rise from homelessness to savior through his heroic acts of good will throughout the City of Philadelphia. His quest to singlehandedly rescue the city from financial hardship creates a national buzz that the city and the nation may soon never forget. This emotional story of heartbreak and triumph will leave you remorseful and saddened amid his struggle and sacrifice. Yet, have you singing praises for the good guy in the end. 

Together... “We are the 99%” 


Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite


Silent Hero: A Homeless Success Story is a work of fiction in an urban contemporary setting, penned by author Vernard Dorsey. In

this fictionalized work based around real life events, we are returned to the fallout of the recent financial crisis and economic downturn of the early 2010s, with this particular tale set in Philadelphia, USA. Harry Hess is a man who faced total poverty and homelessness, yet turned that into a mission to represent those who had very little to live on during that time. This novel recounts his story of going from humble heroism to freedom fighter against the American upper classes. This was an inspiring and emotive read which clearly comes from a strong political and emotional place in the author’s heart. Author Vernard Dorsey embodies every character in the ensemble with realism, from their cleverly chosen dialogue to their vivid depictions and the actions which they take, for good or ill, through the course of the plot. The recent past mirrors the here and now eerily as we uncover the greed of the one percent, and the solidarity of those hardworking folks who had very little before the crisis, and even less during it. Harry Hess is a strong central figure who ties

together many narratives and voices during the journey, and he is well chosen as the centerpiece of the plot. Overall, Silent Hero: A Homeless Success Story is exactly what it promises: an emotional, harrowing but ultimately uplifting tale of human kindness and triumph over adversity.


2020 IPPY GOLD Medal Winner

Silent Hero



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